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WIKA Part of your business. Solutions for pressure, temperature, force and level measurement, flow measurement, calibration and SF 6 gas solutions from WIKA are an integral component of our customers' business processes.Get price

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WIKA pressure, temperature and level measuring instruments can be found worldwide in the field of oil and gas production and regeneration, offshore as well as onshore. Our measuring instruments are manufactured in close cooperation with members of ISO 15156 and NACE committee in accordance with the respective latest revision.Get price

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With WIKA as partner you have access to our unique know-how and product range around the world. Whether you want to measure to 0.5 mbar or to 15,000 bar, whether 250 °C below zero or 1,800 °C above, whether in clean room or on an oil rig: For every industry and in every situation we offer first-class performance and reliability.Get price

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WIKA dial thermometers: Bimetal, expansion or gas-actuated principle, scale ranges from -200 to + 700 °C and with many options for your specific application. Our website uses cookies. By continuing to use it, you agree to their use.Get price

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The WIKA Level Switch Model LSD-30 Electronic is an award-winning level switch that comes with an easily readable, robust display and easy, flexible mounting configurations. An advantage of this level switch is its setup, which has been developed to be intuitive and fast.Get price

Testing and inspection of diving cylinders - Wikipedia

An inspection may include external and internal inspection for damage, corrosion, and correct colour and markings. The failure criteria vary according to the published standards of the relevant authority, but may include inspection for bulges, overheating, dents, gouges, electrical arc scars, pitting, line corrosion, general corrosion, cracksGet price

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WIKA Temperature Portfolio. In the past, WIKA USA produced two industrial grade thermometers, the TI.33/53 and TI.34/54. These models are being replaced, effective immediately, with the new TG51.This update will streamline the WIKA Group’s...Get price

Deep packet inspection - Wikipedia

Deep packet inspection (DPI) or packet sniffing is a type of data processing that inspects in detail the data being sent over a computer network, and may take actions such as alerting, blocking, re-routing, or logging it accordingly.Get price

Pigging - Wikipedia

Pigging has been used for many years to clean large diameter pipelines in the oil industry. Today, however, the use of smaller diameter pigging systems is now increasing in many continuous and batch process plants as plant operators search for increased efficiencies and reduced costs.Get price

Ofsted - Wikipedia

The Office for Standards in Education, ChildrenServices and Skills (Ofsted) is a non-ministerial department of the UK government, reporting to Parliament.Ofsted is responsible for inspecting a range of educational institutions, including state schools and some independent schools.Get price

Building inspection - Wikipedia

A building inspection is an inspection performed by a building inspector, a person who is employed by either a city, township or county and is usually certified in one or more disciplines qualifying them to make professional judgment about whether a building meets building code requirements.Get price

Bourdon tube pressure switch Stainless steel version - WIKA

3.1 inspection certificate per EN 10204 Approvals and certificates, see website. WIKA data sheet PV 32.20 ∙ 03/2021 Page 6 of 6Get price

Technical inspection - Designing Buildings Wiki

Technical inspection - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. The New Rules of Measurement (NRM) are published by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). They provide a standard set of measurement rules for estimating, cost planning, procurement and whole-life costing for construction projects.Get price

Inspecting historic fibrous plaster ceilings - Designing

IntroductionSummary of ABTT Guidance Note 20Practical Application of The GuidanceReferencesRelated Articles on Designing Buildings WikiFibrous plaster is composed of gypsum plaster reinforced with sheets of hessian and timber. Its advantages were numerous: relatively light in weight; cheap to produce; fabricated off-site; and quickly installed. Fibrous plaster ceilings were either fixed (nailed directly to the structure or on to an intermediate timber system); or suspended (secured by means of ‘wads’ of hessian and plaster, sometimes reinforced with wire, to a framework of timber battens fastened to the structure). Fibrous plaster was patented in the UK in 1856 but did not enter widespread use until the 1880s. It was employed extensively in cultural, commercial, institutional and high-status residential buildings up to the second world war. It was also used for repair work or restoration carried out in earlier buildings. Despite the ubiquitous use of fibrous plaster in such buildings over this period, there is an astonishing lack of guidance on its characteristics, inspection and repair. This is because surveys and...Get price

Air conditioning inspection procedure - Designing Buildings Wiki

Air conditioning inspection procedure - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. The summer of 2013 was by British standards warm and the gentle whirr of air conditioning units was a familiar sound, but how many of those systems were operating efficiently and how many have received their mandatory inspection carried out by an accredited inspector.Get price

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Dial Thermometers by WIKA - market leader since 1946 Our dial thermometers work on the bimetal, expansion or gas actuation principle. This enables scale ranges of -200 +700 °C (-328 1,292 °F) in different class accuracies, response times and resilience to environmental influences.Get price

Rail inspection - Wikipedia

The first rail inspections were done visually and with the Oil and Whiting Method (an early form of Liquid Penetrant Inspection). Many sources cite that the need for better rail inspections came after a derailment at Manchester, New York, in 1911.Get price

Vehicle inspection - Wikipedia

Diesel cars are inspected after 3 years and after that annual. The inspection of vehicles from 30 to 49 years old is biennial for all cars, vehicles older than 50 years are exempt. The inspection includes conforming to safety and emission standards in force in the year of first introduction of the car.Get price

Body cavity search - Wikipedia

The circumstances in which these inspections may be done are often restricted, such as on individuals refusing to offer to consent to a visual body cavity search for reasons other than anxiety or in situations where there is a strong evidence to suspect the presence of contraband, and require a court order.Get price

Sensor (UK) | Electronic Leak Detection Location Systems

Sensor® UK use these guidelines to ensure that all Gas Membranes meet the required standards. We will highlight and inform any errors and ensure that errors are fixed before a plot can be verified. Sensor® UK use the following to ensure the highest quality service and safety standards: BS 8485 2015; CIRIA 735 (2014)Get price

Electrical Safety Certificate Regulations | Landlords

1. Visual Inspection Report (VIR or Visual Condition Report) – is a basic check to identify any signs of damage, defects and observations which includes recommendations. This does not include circuit testing and is only suitable if the installation has been tested recently. 2.Get price

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gas-elec Safety (UK) Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Improveasy Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales (Co. Reg. number 7807352). Registered Office: Manchester Business Park, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester M22 5TG. The firm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 708623).Get price

GB Inspection Systems - for ultrasonic probes, accessories

GB Inspection Systems - for ultrasonic probes, accessories NDT equipment. GB Inspection Systems (GBIS) is a leading UK manufacturer and designer of ultrasonic probes and accessories. We supply Non Destructive Test (NDT) equipment and consumables and provide a repair and calibration service covering most types of NDT equipment.Get price

Quinquennial inspection - Designing Buildings Wiki

Quinquennial inspection - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. A Quinquennial Inspection (QI) is a detailed, professionally-compiled report of a church which must be carried out at least once every five years (Quin = five (Latin)). Its provisions form part of the Inspection of Churches Measure 1955 (as revised 1991) which has the same force as a statute.Get price

Electrical safety inspections - British Gas

If your property is an HMO, or you’re renting out a property in Scotland or England, you must have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) done every five years. The report should be done by a qualified electrician - like one of our British Gas electrical engineers. Book an electrical report to keep you and your tenants safe.Get price

State visit - Wikipedia

Less formal visits than a state visit to another country with a lesser emphasis on ceremonial events, by either a head of state or a head of government, can be classified (in descending order of magnitude) as either an official visit, an official working visit, a working visit, a guest-of-government visit, or a private visit.Get price

Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes

Page 1 of 11 This is a web-friendly version of leaflet INDG297(rev1), published 05/12 Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes SubheadGet price

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With WIKA as partner you have access to our unique know-how and product range around the world. Whether you want to measure to 0.5 mbar or to 15,000 bar, whether 250 °C below zero or 1,800 °C above, whether in clean room or on an oil rig: For every industry and in every situation we offer first-class performance and reliability.Get price


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