Are end‐of‐life practices in Norway in line with ethics and

End‐of‐life decisions, including limitation of life prolonging treatment, may be emotionally, ethically and legally challenging. Euthanasia and physician‐assisted suicide (PAS) are illegal in Norway. A study from 2000 indicated that these practices occur infrequently in Norway. MethodsGet price

Factors affecting quality of end-of-life hospital care - a

Jul 07, 2020 · Background The ERANet-LAC CODE (Care Of the Dying Evaluation) international survey assessed quality of care for dying cancer patients in seven countries, by use of the i-CODE questionnaire completed by bereaved relatives. The aim of this sub study was to explore which factors improve or reduce quality of end-of-life (EOL) care from Norwegian relatives’ point of view, as expressed in freeGet price

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A dynamic and flexible company, Cambridge Sensotec prides themselves on the delivery of specialised gas analysis solutions.Get price

Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) method for assessing

Jun 01, 2020 · Based on qualitative and quantitative data from relevant stakeholders, we adapted multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to rank the end-of-life (EOL) alternatives through their ability to sustainably manage 4000 tons of waste plastics from fishing gears in Norway.Get price

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The analysis covers 275,246 household surveys of between 51 and 63 different consumption categories from 26 EU countries, which is by far the most extensive to our knowledge. We combine the use of expenditure data with GHG emission intensities derived through multiregional input–output (MRIO) analysis building on prior regional-level analysisGet price

Geodetic mass balance of the western -

Vertical aerial photographs have been collected for western Svartisen in 1968, 1985 and 2002. The ice cap is located between 66 and 67˚ N and between 13 and 14˚ E, from 10 to 1595 ma.s.l., in a maritime climate in northern Norway 1. The ice cap is the second largest glacier on mainland Norway, with an area of 190 km 2. NVE has performedGet price

Critical end of life analysis: managing the downside of the

Product LifecyclesMethodsResultsConclusionsReferencesThe product lifecycle is that period of time covered by the introduction or acquisition, use and eventual disposal of a product – analogous to the lifecycle of a biological entity (Day 1981). It is often taken to mean the lifecycle of an individual product, used by a consumer; the life of an individual assembly of components in a functional role (Businaro 1983). This study considers the lifecycle of a ‘species’ of products, a product family from the development of the product and its introduction to the market, through its many related variants, upgrades and derivatives over time, to the point where the product range is removed from production. The definition of a distinct product ‘species’ for this study relies on a natural relationship of physical geometry features and characteristics within a ‘family’ of product offerings.Get price

Life cycle assessment of high-speed rail: a case study in

Aug 03, 2016 · Purpose This study assesses the total life cycle environmental impact of the planned high-speed rail line from Lisbon to Porto, in Portugal. It includes the impact from the seven main processes of train manufacturing, train operation, train maintenance, train disposal, track construction, track operation and maintenance, and track disposal. Methods The SimaPro Life Cycle Assessment software isGet price

End Of Life Concept Analysis Nursing Essay

IntroductionReview of LiteratureDefining AttributesConstructing CasesAntecedentsEmpirical ReferentsConclusionsEnd of life is a concept that is often ignored despite the fact that everyone will die some day. It is because death is a part of life that people are familiar with palliative care given at the end of life. Yet, the end of life concept is generally thought to be something equated with human life. At least, that is what people tend to think of when the phrase "end of life" is uttered. Today, palliative care is offered when someone is dying, and when the end is predictable. Some people die a slow death from issues like cancer or heart disease, but others die abruptly from an accident or heart attack when life ends. In the latter case, the end of life is only known in retrospect. How is the end of life defined? Death is very difficult to define. Yet, doctors have determined some criteria to at least allow someone into a hospice program. Still, the end of life can be looked at philosophically, and examined in regard to a number of different domains. Plants, insects, cellular structures...Get price

The Future of Life in Norway! - Life in Norway

May 08, 2012 · Image from highersights on Flickr. Hey folks! I began this blog one year ago for many reasons. I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends, keep motivated to explore the country, meet new people in Norway, document my time here to look back on in years to come, and also flex my geeky muscles and build my WordPress skills.Get price

Norwegian Priority Setting in Practice – an Analysis of

Mar 02, 2016 · The first official report addressing principles for priority setting in Norway was developed in 1987 (later revised in 1997 and 2014). 4 The system was differentiated further by introducing a set of waiting time guarantees. 5 These guarantees were replaced by the Patients Rights Act of 1999. 6,7 According to this Act, § 2-1, the patient has aGet price

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Cambridge, MA 02138 USA Analysis of Cost Estimates by Region the Government of Norway, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Government of Sweden, and the UnitedGet price

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Bio-Rad offers a range of products and services for life science research and education, clinical diagnostics, biopharmaceutical processing, and food science.Get price

This tragedy marks the end of Norwayinnocence

Jul 23, 2011 · Norway is like a heart-achingly beautiful village the size of a country, with a quality of life, wealth and social equality that few in Britain could dream of. But this idyll - repeatedlyGet price

Embodied carbon of concrete in buildings, Part 1: analysis of

Jun 05, 2020 · Modules A4 and A5 (transport to site and construction), B1–B7 (use phase), C1–C4 (end of life) and D are generally omitted since cement is normally only used in other construction products. The GWP indicator measures the CO 2 and other greenhouse gases so it gives a measure in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO 2 e).Get price

The Nordic Patient Experiences Questionnaire (NORPEQ): cross

The analysis was based on the most widely used questionnaires in the Nordic countries,13 16 which included the national patient experience survey in Denmark,22 a 20-item measure of patient experience in Finland,5 a short form of the Quality from the PatientPerspective questionnaire on Iceland,23 the Patient Experiences Questionnaire inGet price

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May 01, 2013 · gaz sf6 is used extensively worldwide for low switching capacity switches. In these applications, Sulfr hexafluoride allows for extremely compact switching devices, sealed-for-life construction, and very low maintenance. Environmental issues In recent years, Sulfr hexafluoride has been widely discussed in the environmental arena. sf6 gas is recognized as a very potent greenhouse gas.Get price

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May 24, 2021 · blue products have very high public and market acceptance thanks to greenhouse gas-free operation, low maintenance, and simple end of life treatment. Use of environmentally safe materials Beyond materials and substances meeting health safety standards (i.e. REACH, RoHS in Europe), a material impact analysis is an integral part of the designGet price

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For centuries, European explorers sought a navigable passage as a possible trade route to Asia, but were blocked by ice. An ice-bound northern route was discovered in 1850 by the Irish explorer Robert McClure; it was through a more southerly opening in an area explored by the Scotsman John Rae in 1854 that Norwegian Roald Amundsen made the first complete passage in 1903–1906.Get price

Thermal stability of insulating gas associated with metallic conductors

Nov 02, 2007 · In GIS technology the current-carrying conductors are mainly aluminium and copper. The metallic walls of the gas containers are made of mild steel; the inner chamber walls are coated with epoxy paints (usually white) to ensure inert internal surfaces enabling direct visual inspection (i.e. the presence of black spots may indicate the roots of internal discharge occurrence as shown in figure 1).Get price

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Early Life and BackgroundEarly CareerYears in ExileCritical ReceptionDeathLegacyAncestryDescendantsHonoursWorksFamily and childhoodGet price

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Find information on Thermo Fisher Connect analysis apps, instrument management, data storage and security, and collaboration tools. Knowledge Base/Product FAQs Find self-help for questions about laboratory and industry-specific instruments and equipment, life science research products and data analysis, and informatics products.Get price

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Obituary: Bob Scholes — The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has learned with shock and sadness of the death of long-time IPCC author Bob Scholes, who died aged 63 on 28 April 2021 while on a hike in Namibia.Get price

Abstracts of the 15th International Congress of the European

1Oslo Metropolitan University-OsloMet, Norway, 2Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway, 3The Arctic University of Norway-UiT, Norway Introduction: Low BMD is associated with an increased risk of fractures and mortality. We aimed to investigate if the rate of BMD change in the distal forearm over 7 years can predict mortality.Get price

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Group intervention for siblings and parents of children with

Oct 14, 2020 · Based on a power analysis of change in the main outcome variable (SDQ) from our open trial, with a minimal relevant standardized effect size of 0.4, a statistical power of .8, and a significance level of .05 , we need a sample of 136 families. The intra-cluster correlation coefficient (ICC) in our open trial was 0.11.Get price

Maternal Health Coping Strategies of Migrant Women in Norway

AbstractIntroductionMethodsResults and InterpretationDiscussionRecommendationsConclusionsAcknowledgmentsThe aim of the study was to explore the maternal health coping strategies of migrant women in Norway. The ethnic and cultural background of the Norwegian population have become increasingly diverse. A challenge in practice is to adjust maternal health services to migrant women’s specific needs. Previous studies have revealed that migrant women have difficulty achieving safe pregnancies and childbirths. Data were obtained by means of 17 semistructured interviews with women from South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Qualitative content analysis was employed. One overall theme is as follows: keeping original traditions while at the same time being willing to integrate into Norwegian society, and four themes emerged as follows: balancing their sense of belongingness; seeking information and support from healthcare professionals; being open to new opportunities and focusing on feeling safe in the new country. The results were interpreted in the light of Bronfenbrenner...Get price

HOMESIDE: home-based family caregiver-delivered music and

Methods and analysis: A large international three-arm parallel-group randomised controlled trial will recruit a sample of 495 dyads from Australia, Germany, UK, Poland and Norway. Dyads will be randomised equally to standard care (SC), a home-based music programme plus SC, or a home-based reading programme plus SC for 12 weeks.Get price

Implementation uncertainty when using recreational hunting to

Survival analysis. We used survival analysis to quantify the performance of hunters with respect to management-set harvest goals. Survival analysis (alternatively referred to as time to event analysis, reliability analysis, event history analysis or failure time analysis) is an umbrella term for a collection of statistical tools (Venables Ripley 2002; Kleinbaum Klein 2005) concerned withGet price