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Field Maintenance and Repair. We repair transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit reclosers, and padmounted switches. Solomon Corporation’s certified field technicians are located across the country for quick response time to your urgent repair needs.Get price

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Aug 06, 2020 · Regular maintenance is a major part of keeping your oil-filled transformers in good working condition. Without scheduled upkeep, your transformers will be more likely to experience issues that can snowball into larger operational problems, like system failure.Get price

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Transformers: Basics, Maintenance, and Diagnostics vii Contents (continued) Page 4. Oil-Filled Transformer Inspections (continued) 4.3 Winding Temperature Thermometers.....Get price

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Transformer maintenance usually begins with an external examination. If any defects are found, they should be eliminated. After a visual inspection, a number of preliminary procedures are performed, including: checking the reliability of connections, cleaning insulator radiators and tank, removing dirt from oil conservator, refilling oil and taking oil samples.Get price


Before installing the transformer, read this manual carefully. This manual has been prepared to provide information on assembly, installation, commissioning and regular maintenance of the transformers and shall form part of Instruction Manual. This manual does not intend to cover operation and maintenance of the transformer under abnormalGet price

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A Guide To Transformer Maintenance by Stanley Myers, Joseph Kelly and Robert Parrish TRANSFORMER MAINTENANCE 1. INTRODUCTION: The transformer is a vital apparatus in the electrical equipment in every stage viz. Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. Failure of a transformer in the chain causes interruption in electricity supply and dislocation of all theGet price

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Feb 24, 2012 · Yearly Maintenance of Voltage Transformer or Capacitor Voltage Transformer. The porcelain housing must be cleaned with cotton clothes. The spark gap assembly to be checked on yearly basis. Remove the moveable part of spark gap as assembly, clean the braes electrode with emery paper and fix it back in position.Get price

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IntroductionVisual Inspection of Power TransformerTransformer Diagnostic and MonitoringSchedule of Preventive Maintenance Actions and Inspection of TransformerOil Analysis and SamplesTransformer Tests For Maintenance & Diagnoses PurposesInfrared ThermographyBeing transformers static machines without any moving and turning parts, they are very reliable machines, and if maintained properly, can last for 40 years or more. Also they do not trip or blow when oven-stressed (except under extreme conditions), transformers are frequently overloaded and allowed to operate well beyond its capacity. However, use and ageing of electrical installations, similar to other installations, is an origin of normal deterioration in electrical equipment that can be accelerated by factors such as a hostile environment, overload, or severe duty cycle. Other causes of deterioration may be load changes/additions, circuit changes, improperly set/selected protective devices and changing voltage conditions. However, equipment failure is not inevitable if a checking and preventive maintenance programis established. 1. Also read: Current Transformers (CT) – Types, Characteristic & Applications Establishment of a regular preventive maintenance program may minimize the...Get price

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Dec 02, 2020 · Transformer maintenance can be done periodically or as condition based maintenance. The latter is usually the most economical way of doing maintenance. Recommended maintenance are then done based on one or more of the following: inspections, analysis of oil samples, electrical measurements, test of equipment, measurement of temperatures by using a heat sensitive camera, monitoring (off-line and/or on-line).Get price


Sultanate of Oman. This Transformer has been manufactured using modern techniques and some of the best available raw materials internationally. It has been fully tested before leaving our factory. The Transformer should give you years of trouble free service, provided regular maintenance checks are carried out as prescribed.Get price

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Jun 01, 1999 · Performing a gas-in-oil analysis provides a valuable maintenance tool, especially if done on a regular basis, so that normal trends for each transformer can be established. The laboratory report of the test results will list the key combustible gases detected and their quantities expressed in ppm.Get price

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4) Transformer for Unit Substation Transformer for Unit Substation is less flammable oil type transformer which is designed to be installed and used inside the enclosure of Unit Substation. The enclosures of unit substations are normally installed in public area, therefore it is strictly to prevent any harm and danger that may be caused by anyGet price

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Worse, a transformer failure can trigger fire and explosions, endangering your people and threatening your plant’s critical assets. Fortunately, losses due to transformer failure can be avoided. Through preventive and predictive maintenance and testing, Vertiv can identify potential issues and repair problems before a unit fails.Get price

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Guide for Transformer Maintenance Guide for Transformer Maintenance. Emmanuel Romero Lima. Download PDFGet price

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materials on or near transformer or mount transformer closer than 3 inches from any adjacent wall (other than the wall the unit is mounted on). Units should always be mounted vertically. Transformers must never be mounted next to or above heat generating equipment. Grounding Ventilated core and coil assemblies are solidly grounded to the enclosure.Get price

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of 65 °C. This estimate is also based on the assumption that transformers receive adequate maintenance over their service life [24]. Reclamation, Bonneville Power Administration, and Western Area Power Administration conduct regular studies to determine statistical equipment life. These studies show that average life of a ReclamationGet price

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Manage your budget. You need up-to-date information on the condition of your assets and to know about abnormalities or potential risks. We will perform on-site condition assessments and asset audits – and offer remote services, monitoring and diagnostics, to ensure that failures and their corresponding outage costs are avoided.Get price

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Before placing a transformer in storage, make sure the insulating liquid is at its proper level, add dry nitrogen in the gas space until the pressure reaches 3 psi (20.7 kPa) and then seal the unit. Before placing a transformer in service after a period of storage, relieve the internal gas pressure by venting to the atmosphere. See paragraph on "Venting".Get price

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lowering maintenance costs. Conservators are at their most beneficial for higher rated transformers from 2500kVA and above. 200kVA- 50MVA Popular ratings Held in stock Ratings Options Highest voltage level up to Hermetically sealed transformer (shown with ring main unit) Hermetically sealed transformers When maintenance is a key issue, or when anGet price

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Oct 01, 2006 · Appropriate on-line DGA monitoring and diagnostic tools will help utilities avoid unplanned failures, lower maintenance costs and extend transformer useful life. The purpose of this article is to offer insight and guidance on the selection of on-line dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitoring and diagnostic tools for utility transformers.Get price

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Instrument Transformers are designed to provide reliable performance, following the latest stringent global design standards like IEC and IEEE/ANSI. This ensures a product with less maintenance, low weight, flexible mounting facilities, high reliability, high mechanical strength, and high short circuit capability.Get price

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Liquid Filled Transformers -Routine Preventative Maintenance: 1. Routinely perform a Dissolved Gas-in-Oil test by collecting samples from each transformer and secure certified tests results of each sample. 2. Over time plot the results so a “tendency profile” can be developed for each. 3. The critical gases to watch are as follows: a.Get price

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Online gas monitors provide regular readings (usually several readings for each day) of the concentrations of gas dissolved in the transformer oil without the need for a manual sample. These monitors are either fitted on a transformer in service or at the factory.Get price


TRANSFORMER SERVICES Nitrogen Gas Tests Two tests are performed on nitrogen gas blanketed transformers. After gas samples are taken, the Percent Total Combustible Gas (TCG) test is conducted to identify gas in the oil, often caused by hot spots or overloading. The Percent Oxygen test is also performed to identify high oxygenGet price

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A power plant is usually divided into units, for example, a 3000 MW plant has 6 units of 500 MW or 15 units of 200 MW or so. By that definition comes the name, Unit transformer.Get price

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• The transformers to be used outdoors must be stored whenever possible indoors. • The base or the platform for the storage of the transformers must be sufficiently resistant as to withstand its weight and be perfectly flat. • If the transformer is going to be stored outdoors, make sure that the area for storage has a good drainage system.Get price

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ABB in Africa serving Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, cote d'ivoire, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya and ZimbabweGet price

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Transformer repair services take advantage of the latest developments in transformer repair technologies and materials to provide potential clients with reliable repairs and effective upgrades. Transformer repair services can undertake repair or upgrades of electrical power transformers, dry type transformers, oil filled transformers, stationGet price

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We’ve been extending the life of transformers and other electrical equipment nationwide for more than 40 years. Our repair services have revived many failed units and saved companies both time and money as a result.Get price