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Kampala-Uganda Platinum House Plot 19 Market Street Email:[email protected] Tel: 256-702111082 5 MTA Computers Ltd P.O Box 9542 Kampala Uganda. Plot 2, Parliament Ave, Jumbo Plaza. Email:[email protected] (+256 414) 341010/30, (+256 312) 261202 6 Comsys Technologies U Ltd P.O. Box 37034 Kampala Plot 43 Lumumba Avenue 0414 080000 7 Kazinga ChannelGet price


THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan 2015/16-2019/20 “Draft” April 2016Get price


Mar 21, 2016 · uganda electricity transmission company ltd. lira-gulu-nebbi-arua transmission line project resettlement action plan ugandaGet price


Nov 15, 2011 · Bureau Veritas Uganda - Plot No 30, Regency Plaza, Lugogo Bypass, KAMPALA PO Box 40323, Kampala Tel. +256 792 280 280 / +256 792 280 281 Fax +256 902 971 000 (fromGet price

The Republic of Uganda - Ministry of Education and Sports

Ministry of Education and Sports – Uganda Secondary Education Expansion Project Page 5 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background The Government of Uganda is focused on improving learning levels and completion rate at the primary education level, through a variety of measures. This includes a US$100 million grantGet price

Uganda on track to achieve SDG 6 - Independent

Mar 19, 2019 · “Uganda was among the firs top ten countries to come up with a plan aligned with the SDGs so we do not need to back to start writing other frameworks to meet the SDGS, ” he said, adding that Uganda should be more interested in its priorities, rather than SDGs per se – after all the two rhyme.Get price

Uganda Spotlight Country PROGRAMME DOCUMENT 6 Dec FINAL OSC

System Response. Kampala, Uganda and Washington DC. USA. (finding that over 30% of widows are illegally deprived of land or property after the death of their spouse). 6 Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. Violence against Children in Uganda: Findings from a National Survey, 2015. Kampala, Uganda: UNICEF, 2015.Get price

Uganda: Harvest storage technology changes lives

Jun 07, 2016 · About eight years ago, Rierson said, WFP introduced the Purchase for Progress project where it had a target of procuring grains, cereals and pulses from Uganda’s smallholder farmers. But despite coming up with this initiative, WFP last year got US$70 million worth of grain and only 22% or $15 million worth of that came from smallholder farmers.Get price

BREAKING! Museveni announces 14-day total lockdown in Uganda

Mar 30, 2020 · KAMPALA — President Museveni has on Monday night announced a ban on all people-to-people movements for 14 days as Uganda enhanced stricter guidelines to stem the Coronavirus spread. The president also announced a shutdown of government services, except for the army, police, health services and essential services.Get price

Government of Uganda Ministry of Health

In Uganda HIV prevalence amongst adults between 15-49 years is estimated at 6.4% (Uganda Sero Survey 2004). The prevalence of HIV/AIDS was higher among women than men, urban areas more affected than rural. There was enormous regional variation. The highest rates were inGet price

SS Uganda (1952) - Wikipedia

SS Uganda was a British steamship that had a varied and notable career. She was built in 1952 as a passenger liner, and successively served as a cruise ship, hospital ship, troop ship and stores ship.Get price

Uganda Vision 2040 - World Bank

4. Uganda’s planning has been characterized by different approaches. The Mixed economy approach to development was a key feature of Uganda’s economic development during 1962-1971. During this period, two medium-term plans were developed. However, this development planning path was interrupted by theGet price

PUBLIC NOTICE - Uganda Revenue Authority

The Commissioner General, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) wishes to notify the general public that the registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) of persons 1070 (full list is available at www.ura.go.ug) has been cancelled pursuant to and in accordance with Section 9 of the VAT Act, Cap 349, Laws of Uganda,Get price

UGANDA - International Trade Centre

Uganda is particularly happy that the activities pro-posed in this value chain Roadmap focus on sun-flower oil and not just seed. This is important for Uganda’s industrial development goals among which value addition to the country’s agricultural resources is a top priority I want to thank the ITC, particularlyGet price

Swvl to launch in Uganda – SautiTech

Feb 16, 2019 · Egyptian bus-sharing app Swvl is laying the groundwork ahead of its launch in Uganda, making the Pearl of Africa its second market in East Africa and the third on the continent. The startup, founded by Mostafa Kandil in 2017, is currently looking for someone to manage Swvl Uganda operations, reported DigestAfrica, citing an email exchange […]Get price

Ministry of Gender, Labour Social Development

pg. iv Published by: Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, P.O. Box 7136, Kampala, Uganda. Tel: 041-4 347854, 041-4 347855, 041-4 343572Get price


republic of uganda gts-pm-upv-eig-rpl-09 page 4 of 11 issued: 17-aug-2014 exporter and importer guidelines uganda national bureau of standards pre-export verification of conformity to standards exhibit b – regulated product list pr. no. product items hs codes ii-103 drives for gates, doors and windows up to a maximum wattage of 3500 w 8501.40Get price


hosting country in the world, Uganda is currently hosting the biggest number of refugees in its history. Relative to its national GDP, Uganda is the 4th largest host country in the world. Nearly two-thirds of the refugees in the country have arrived in the past five years, with nearly 100,000 new arrivals in 2015 only.Get price


32. 3401.20.10 - Noodles for the manufacture of toilet soap - Uganda to stay application of EAC CET and apply10% instead of 0% for one year. 33. 1001.99.10 - Wheat (Wheat grain)- Uganda to stay application of EAC CET and apply duty rate of 10% instead of 35% for one year. 34. 1702.30.00 - Glucose syrup granted a duty remission at a n import dutyGet price

Uganda | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Over 50 health workers in Uganda have lost their lives to COVID-19 – a huge toll for a country with just 0.17 doctors per thousand people in some areas. With remaining health workers overworked and vulnerable, some relief has come in the form of…Get price


(HMCS) Uganda, a Colony Class cruiser, served with the British Pacific Fleet (BPF) and fulfilled an extremely important role. At sea almost continuously from 24 March till 10 August 1945, HMCS Uganda provided vital radar capabilities along with highly valued anti-aircraft and shore bombardment services.Get price


the republic of uganda ministry of works and transport annual sector performance report 2015/16 september, 2016Get price

UNHCR Uganda: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV

Dec 06, 2018 · Uganda. UNHCR Uganda: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Thematic Report (October 2018) Format Situation Report Source. UNHCR; Posted 6 Dec 2018 Originally published 31 Oct 2018 Origin ViewGet price

Health care system in Uganda - Mak

• The Uganda’s health system, like other systems, aims to achieve and sustain good health for its people. • The Health system has been evolving over the last 3 to 4 decades to handle emerging concerns and challenges to the health situation in the country. • Health Care Delivery has mostly been through modern and Traditional practices.Get price

Modifications to ART service delivery models by health

Apr 04, 2017 · Sustaining and expanding ART scale-up programs in resource-limited settings will require adaptations and modifications to traditional ART delivery models to meet the rapid increase in demand. We identify modifications to ART service delivery models by health facilities in Uganda to sustain ART interventions over a 10-year period (2004–2014).Get price

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Esta é uma página de informações de produtos sobre as câmaras de resgate e refúgio da Dräger. As câmaras de proteção da Dräger protegem seus funcionários criando uma atmosfera respirável em uma sala vedada.Get price

HMS Uganda (66) - Wikipedia

Home Fleet OperationsMediterranean Fleet OperationsTransfer to CanadaReturn to ServiceIn March 1943 after training at Scapa Flow, Uganda sailed as convoy escort to protect a Sierra Leone-bound convoy from the German Narvik-class destroyers operating out of the Bay of Biscay. After two such convoy duties, she was sent as escort for the ocean liner RMS Queen Mary carrying Winston Churchill and his staff to Washington. The journey was made at 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph), and the ship sailed into Naval Station Argentia, Newfoundland low on fuel. Upon return from that duty Uganda returned to Plymouthfor a refit.Get price

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These drylands stretch across the Sahill of West Africa to the horn of Africa–Ethiopia, Sudan, northern Uganda, Kenya, Somalia; they stretch across the Red Sea into the Arabian Peninsula into Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia; they stretch into western Asia–Iraq, Iran–and into central Asia–Afghanistan and neighboring countries.Get price